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WANTED - Best Transsexual Pictures EVER!

That's right we are trying to track down the very best Tranny Pics on the internet. Do you have such a picture? Have you seen such a picture? We WANT IT! Please upload it, link to it, or at least describe it, so we can find it.

Why Voting is SOOOOOO Important On an Adult Site!

This subject is so important that as soon as I get a minute I will write a full blog post about it. Anyways... It always amazes me when I see a Gallery or a Tube with something like 150K views and yet it has only around 4 votes. I am not sure if you realize but voting can COMPLETELY change your surfing experience for the BETTER especially on this type of site. Most adult sites are set up to allow you to find the higher rated and more popular content (for obvious reasons) easier. If an awesome Gallery NEVER gets voted on it can slip into the oblivion NEVER to be found again. So be sure to vote (at the bottom of each post) it only takes a second.

Latest Winners


Model: Bailey Jay Title: "Tight jeans and Hard Dick" Courtesy: The Tgirl Network

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