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Category: Cocktail Club

The COCKTAIL CLUB section is the one we are focusing on first. If you read our blog post about 'The Lost Cocktail Files' you will see that we have a lot of content to add here. Also notice that every NEW gallery etc. that WE create will have BONUS Pics and Vids for COCKTAIL CLUB members... So Stick around for all the FREE awesomeness that your Lifetime membership will bring.


COCKTAIL CLUB Members will not only see the new galleries we are working on FIRST you are going to tell us what models to use. Some of you may remember that about 5 years ago we had a section where you could vote on the models for the galleries that we were making. This was VERY popular but it didn't work properly with the old site. With Cocktail 2016 setting this up will be simple. We will begin working on NEW galleries very soon. Please Stand By.

This content is for Cocktail Club Members Only. Please consider getting an account It will make your dick bigger!

Club Blog

What's happening around Cocktail and the Shemale niche.



Cocktail Exclusives

This is the exclusive content that is part of the 'Cocktail Lost Files'.



Classy Pic Collection

While these are also part of the Lost Cocktail Files they don't seem dated to me at all. Still some great sets even today, and I have LOT'S to show you guys.

Classy Collection