Thanks for 15 Great Years Guys!

Welcome to the 2016 version of Shemale Cocktail. As you can see we still have a long way to go but the launch was step 1. I know this upgrade is looooong overdue and I apologize about that. Life can be funny sometimes and if you follow this blog we will talk about this 15 year journey (18 years if you count the Free Host years) that got us here. So thanks for sticking with us over all these years and I hope we won’t let you down with the new site.


We will be adding many new sections that you have NEVER seen on a FREE site of this nature. While we are hard at work with the new site we want to show our appreciation to you by offering you a 100% FREE COCKTAIL CLUB – PLATINUM VIP ACCOUNT that will NEVER expire. These accounts will only be offered for a VERY short time as they are going to be reserved for Tgirls, Content Producers, Sponsors, and people of that nature. Once we pull the plug on this offer you wont even be able to buy these accounts unless you meet certain criteria so please don’t wait. You can register in a matter of seconds on the right side sidebar of the site.

What is the COCKTAIL CLUB?

My 2 main goals for Cocktail 2016 was to offer our followers some BONUS CONTENT, and to make the site TOTALLY INTERACTIVE so you guys can contribute. So you will notice that on just about every gallery that WE create you will see some bonus Movies and Pics at the bottom. This content is only viewable by COCKTAIL CLUB Members. Another thing you will notice is the ability to start Quick Conversations, Upload Content, and Add Links right on the main page. You can also send and receive Private Messages and we are working on a bunch of other goodies. I want to put you guys front and centre and not just give you a personal page in the backend of the site. So you can either show the whole world your stuff in the front or just keep it to you and your friends in your own space. We are in this thing together 🙂

I sincerely hope you enjoy the New site and the COCKTAIL CLUB and I apologize in advance for all the Construction that will be going on around you for the next little while.