Well if I can remember it correctly the story goes something like this… Back in about 2005 was getting set to launch a paysite. It was going to be called the COCKTAIL CLUB, which of course we have revived for this site. Anyway I started buying some content but it was also decided that I should get some Exclusive stuff done. Now the thing that has always bothered me about exclusive content is how does anyone know for sure other than me and the guy who filmed it that it is actually exclusive? No one likely gives a shit anyway as long as they like the stuff you are producing, Right? Still it bugs me because I could buy 10 times the content for the same price as just a couple of ‘Exclusive Shoots’ but of course it would NOT be exclusive to me and my site. All this being said I still decided that to launch the site I had to have that Exclusive stuff.  That way I could use it for advertising as well.

Those ‘Cocktail Cutie’ T-Shirts

I thought that this would be a great way to prove that the Exclusive Content was well… Exclusive! The pics are great for advertising as well. Just have a look at the ‘Cocktail Bitch’ pic for this post I think it works perfectly. Unfortunately there are only about 5 or 6 scenes with the shirts. There were more but some of the content is still LOST. This is unfortunate for you Ladyboy fans because the ones that are still missing are from Thailand. I will tell you more about this a little later.

Just how did those files get lost?

I spent about 6 months collecting content and designing the website. Oh and if you are curious about what the website looked like you can see it in the ‘Cocktail Bitch – Gangbang Scene’ at the beginning of the movie. So, my goal was to launch the site by August of 2006. This date got pushed back because due to some unforeseen circumstances I needed to move (I think you can tell where this is going). So, yes after 6 months and about $11K everything for the new site was lost in the move and I mean everything because like a loser I packed all the backup discs with the Hardrive that contained all the originals. So I thought at the time anyway.

Now fast forward to 2015 and while I was searching for paperwork for a completely unrelated thing I discovered a box simply marked ‘Cassettes’. You see I used to have a massive collection of music on cassettes and when I moved all those years ago I never unpacked this box because it had been several years already since I had been using CD’s. When I found this box in 2015 I decided to open it up purely due to a desire to walk down memory lane. When I opened the box I was flipping through the cassettes AC/DC Back in Black, Led Zeppelin II, Stevie Ray Vaughn Couldn’t Stand the Weather, then…. Could it be? Yeah it could be… and it was! I found a packet that had all my DVD’s. Everything from Bob’s Tgirl Fantasies to my Exclusive Stuff. The only thing that is still missing is the backup hardrive which is a shame because it had a bunch of exclusive stuff that was filmed in Thailand. Those shoots also had all the models wearing those ‘Cocktail Cutie’ T-shirts as well. I am hoping that they turn up too and I will continue to look.

“What was once lost is now found again”

In the meantime I hope you enjoy the content. I have to be honest I am very disappointed in the video quality of 2005. Even the more professionally shot videos like Bob’s Tgirl Fantasies and Planet Giselle are very poor quality compared to today. It is astonishing how far we have come in such a short period of time as far as that goes. It’s really kinda cool though that the Gangbang and some of those other shoots have been around all those years and NO ONE and I mean NO ONE has EVER seen them. It kind of just ads to the mystique that IS Cocktail.

Was it Fate?

Sometimes the world works in mysterious ways. I knew I needed to do something for the 15th Anniversary of Cocktail’s launch, and a complete site overhaul was years past due. All I can say for sure is that when I found the files again it renewed my interest in Cocktail in a big way. What better way to re-launch one of the first EVER Shemale TGP’s in the history of the internet than with a bunch of nostalgic content from the past? ENJOY!

But wasn’t Cocktail ACTUALLY launched in 1998?

It always amazes me how many original fans that Cocktail has. I know many of you are going to say “Hey I remember seeing Cocktail before 2001” and you would be correct. The domain was purchased in January of 2001 but the site actually started in 1998 on a free host. I had begun making galleries at the time (that is a another blog post I want to write because you wouldn’t believe where I got the content from) and I needed a place to store them essentially.  So when I began making the galleries I created a site on the free host and of course they asked me to name my site. The rest of course is history.